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What is the purpose of Groups? 

 The purpose of Groups are for believers to join together with other believers for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and service. They aim to unite on scripture and maintain an outward focus to serve the community and invite others to be apart. Groups meet regularly all over the community.

What can I expect during a group gathering? 

Every group is not identical, but most gatherings include fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and service projects/planning.

Can I invite people who don't attend GracePoint? 

Absolutely! Newcomers are welcome to all of our groups. Our aim is to offer biblical community to anyone who connects with the people of GracePoint. Invite your friends, neighbors, and family members to your group to introduce them to Christianity and to other members of GracePoint Church.

What about childcare? 

Each group creates their own childcare plan:

-Parents plan their own childcare needs.
-Some groups hire a sitter to watch all the children from the group.  The cost is usually shared among group members.
-Group members take turns watching the children during the City Group meetings.
-Children participate in City Group meetings.