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Adoption & Foster Care Ministry

Our Mission

GracePoint's Adoption & Foster Care Community provides a space for adoptive & foster families to build deep relationships with others on a similar journey, provide educational opportunities and resources, serve the adoption community within GracePoint and beyond, and petition the Lord through prayer.  


Meet tangible needs for foster & adoptive families. Sign up for our Care Team.

Foster & Adopt

Seek the Lord & learn about becoming a foster or adoptive family.


Be informed & aware of the needs of vulnerable children in our communities.


Monthly Community Meetings

First Sunday of Each Month  |  4:00 - 5:30 PM  |  Child Care Provided

We invite GracePoint attendees who are members of the adoption triad (birth families, adoptees, and adoptive families who have started the adoption process or have already adopted) as well as any foster families to our meetings! 

An Environment for Building Faith & Sharing Experiences

Our Monthly Community Meeting is aimed to deepen our relationships with each other, continue to educate ourselves on a variety of adoption and foster care topics, seek a better understanding of adoption through the lens of our Christian faith, and petition the Lord together with our prayer requests.

We aim to do this through ice breakers and fun group activities, facilitated discussions (ex: open-ended questions, articles, books, video clips) and guest speakers (adoptees, birth families, agencies, subject matter experts, support group resources, etc.).

Discussion Topics: Trauma informed care, discussing adoption with your biological & adoptive children, adoption & foster care-related books and resources, transracial adoption, navigating birth family relationships, honoring children's adoption stories and family histories.


Care Team

Providing Support for Families in the Foster & Adoption Community

The Care Team is a group of volunteers who help provide support for families pursuing foster and adoption licensing and for those who are already fostering or have adopted. Our goal is to provide practical and relational support for families serving children with the love of Christ.

Types of Support

  • Step-by-step guidance for families considering adoption or foster care.
  • Child care during pre-placement trainings.
  • Spiritual and emotional support during the licensing process and after receiving placements.
  • Assistance with acquiring items for your future child.
  • Providing meals as needed.