Our Story

GracePoint Church was established on August 24, 1896 as Coppell Baptist Church.

This church has been a constant light, both locally and globally for the past 120+ years. A strong commitment to the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ has always been at the heart of this church.

Before having a building, they decided to give to missions. The first offering for missions was given on June 9, 1900: $2 for global missions and $1 for local efforts. In 1901, Coppell Baptist Church built its first building. A mere six months after moving in, a great storm came and blew the church off of its foundation. It cost $30 to fix it.
Commitment to the gospel never waned in those early years. In 1934, while the great depression left so many without, the women of the church, not wanting to keep the good news of Jesus to themselves, made and sold quilts so that they could continue to give. Among those was the name quilt. You could pay 10¢ to get your name on the quilt that was later sold at auction for $13.60. In today’s money, that would be $250. This quilt still hangs in our church today.

In 1947 the church was still meeting in the original building erected in 1901. Spiritual and numerical growth led the church to build again. This building was completed in 1948. It still stands today at the corner of Coppell and Bethel roads.
The good news of Jesus never changes. People will always need a savior. The method for communicating the gospel changes frequently as to meet the people where they are. Organized in March of 1968, the Coppell kids comedy folk group brought their testimony for Christ to over 11,000 young people and adults.

Coinciding with the new Dallas / Ft. Worth International Airport in 1971, the church outgrew it’s facility and obtained 5 acres of land on Denton Tap Road. In 1973, a new building was completed, and the name quilt from 1934 was hung to commemorate those who sacrificed in the hardest of times for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
In 1984, Coppell’s population was rapidly growing, as was this church’s congregation. An additional building was built to accommodate the growth with educational spaces, a fellowship hall, and kitchen shortly after.

In 1995 the church attendance was over 1,000 on the weekends, with services on Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday night. With the future bright, the church financed 20 acres of land across the street on Denton Tap Road. The church was able to pay that debt off within the year.
Through these 120+ years, God has proved faithful every step of the way. During seasons of spiritual health, He provided for the seasons of spiritual wilderness that inevitably came. In 2007 the church sold the 20 acres providing financial stability as the number of people attending waned.
In recent years, God has continued to use the people of GracePoint Church to be a bright light to this community. Although names and methods have changed over the years, our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Coppell community has and will never change. We exist to make disciples of Jesus in Coppell and beyond. That commitment is our mission, our legacy, and will be our future.

Be a Part of Our Story

Be a part of our story

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