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Ark FAQs and Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it cost money to play at The Ark?

Beginning June 3, the cost of Public Play at The Ark is $2 per child, with a max of $5 per family. Children of members of GracePoint Church play for free. 

How do I get to The Ark?

GracePoint Church is located at 590 S. Denton Tap Rd in Coppell, Texas. To enter The Ark, follow the signs to the back entrance of the church and press the buzzer once. GracePoint Church is a secure facility, so you will not be let in until it is confirmed you are coming to The Ark.  After entering the building, The Ark is down the hallway to your left.

Can I bring food and drink to The Ark? 

Yes, there are tables in The Ark where you are welcome to eat. Please clean up after yourselves!

Are there bathrooms nearby?

There are bathrooms right outside of The Ark for your convenience.

Is wifi available? 

We do have a guest WiFi network available. You will need to agree to our terms and conditions and provide some information before using it.

Can we have a party at The Ark? 

You can reserve a private party at The Ark on a Saturday or Sunday. Parties book several months in advance, so check the calendar and get your request in as soon as you can. Private parties in The Ark during public play hours are NOT allowed.

What is a private Ark Party?

Private parties are events that exclude the participation of general public and involve one or more of the following: bringing in own refreshments and/or food, gifts, a cake, decorations [e.g.: balloons, streamers], combining tables and/or chairs, etc. Private parties require a reservation.

Can I bring a group to play at The Ark? 

The Ark is designed for individual families. It is not meant to host groups such as daycares or camps during public hours.

Ark Rules

Parental or Adult Supervision is required at all times (inside the Ark, restrooms, and hallways). The safety of the children is a priority for us.  If you leave a child under your care unsupervised, you may be asked to leave.

No bare feet. Socks must be worn at all times.

No shoes may be worn inside the Ark play structures.

No blankets or other materials may be used to ride down the slide as it is a safety hazard.

No running inside the Ark area (this includes up the slides).

No food or drink may be taken onto the carpeted areas or into the Ark play structures. Please eat and drink at the tables provided.

Note: A GracePoint Staff member may give you a warning or ask you to leave if these rules are not being followed.